Bloody Elbow

Our first thriller experience. The main theme of this escape room is not the puzzles, the main theme is a horrific experience. Players should have this feeling that something unknown stands around the corner or in any dark spot of the room. When you have a feeling of facing the unknown it’s kind of hard to focus on puzzle, dim the lights in addition and you have a perfect room and ambience. To achieve this effect in the past you just needed a completely dark room. You may or may not get touched that was the most terrifying thing.

Story of creation

At Bloody Elbow we distanced ourselves from standard, boring, near horrifying themes and tricks. How to create something horrifying? “The devil in the details”. Our focus was in details.
The Bloody Elbow is the mixture of ugly mediaeval cells, tortures and dark times. Creating of an old, nasty cell requires a lot of creativity.

Medieval feel in every detail. Torture table, blood stains, metal bars, you name it. We can make it all.

This is an actual game element. The cross room looks very realistic and when the puzzle is solved, it completely changes it’s look into something very dark.

All elements made out of actual wood and bricks. We are not only building the looks, we also building reliability.

The fake body of drowned woman looks very realistic. Look at this bruises and carved letters on forehead! Very detailed and creepy.