The Quest Makers

The Quest Makers specializes in building escape rooms and immersive experiences from conception to completion. We strive to create immersive experiences of the highest production quality. To do this, we start with a rich story and design all of our elements to support that narrative. We uniquely engineer complex puzzles to fit thematically within the story. Our theatrical elements, whether they be props, lighting, or sound effects, are created with extreme attention to detail to create a more authentic environment. Lastly, we custom-make technological components to innovate the ways players interact with our rooms. The end result is not just an escape room but, a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience., our main partner, is recognized for having the most immersive and highest quality escape rooms in the industry. Whatever story you have, we’ll bring it to life. We build custom props, controlling hardware and software, components of various technical specifications, and anything that you might need. We also offer this type of work for other purposes and across industries. With our variety of services, we have a fast turnaround, competitive prices, and support all U.S. territories.

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