DaVinci’s Challenge

For Questroom.com
Da Vinci’s Challenge is one of a kind room that everybody loves.
XV century Italy during the renaissance period. What could be better?
Every piece of that room should have looked as piece of that glorious past; ambients, background music, props, game elements, puzzles. Everything needed to be created from scratch.

Story of creation

Before any construction work started we designed an original layout of a room with each puzzle on it’s place. Creation of a brand new puzzle can be quite difficult. For instance, the puzzle should be noticeable but not obvious, solvable but still challenging. The puzzle should attract the attention of all players, make them interact and slowly push them towards the next puzzle. One of our main and most challenging puzzle in Da Vinci’s Challenge requires several pre – steps to be fully solved. So, basically half of the room was designed and built just to support the single puzzle. But when you play this room it does not feel this way. It actually feels the opposite way.

We implemented a few non-traditional elements that are not very common in the modern escape rooms. The actual mechanics; gears and other parts. The mechanics inspiration came from the actual Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings and works.

New escape rooms tends to be more electronic with lots of wiring and programming as we wanted to create this blend of modern and past technologies for absolutely immersive experience.

Mazes are very common elements in many escape rooms. Sphere mazes are not common at all. This maze take part in design of the room and gameplay. Maze’s frame was carved out of wood to match the room style. An amazing game element was entirely designed and build by us!

An entire celestial bodies objects under the ceiling full of stars. Planets are an actual light fixtures. Planet light is frequently dimming and change light appearances from planet to planet.

Every single piece of furniture is an actual usable furniture. All tables, bookshelves, clay pots are made out of highest quality material.

An entire room with all props and game elements looks harmonious. The wings on the wall were inspired by an actual Da Vinci works and made by our artists.