Cannibal’s Den


All of our rooms are not simple built. Yet, this room was the hardest to make… We had to create an atmosphere of the cannibal’s apartment. It should be creepy, bloody, nasty, unpleasant… we tried to create more of a hands-on experience type of room, than just a typical puzzle solving type. It is an escape from a serial killer apartment, not some kind of a game. It is real and players need to feel that from the beginning. it is a live or die ending and players need to incorporate every possible thing and items to make it out alive!


Story of creation

The Cannibal’s Den is very different from typical escape rooms, it is not only about the puzzles, it is about a go through experience.

Our team was a little worried an had some doubts about how we should make certain thing in order to create the unforgettable gameplay experience. We have implemented an idea of early, tragic end of a game possibility, although your 60 minutes has not passed. It was a bit challenging, but our engineers made it happen with ease. This room has very spectacular and nasty props we are proud of – most of them are extremely realistic body parts: legs, hands, heads, eyes, teeth…. Even human brain was made with exact weight and dimensions as real one. It feels so real that some players feel dizziness when they open the freezer…

Even if it seems like this room is not hi-tech, it is indeed. There are few absolutely unique devices developed by our lead engineer. Those devices make the game flow naturally… As always, all of our rooms are equipped with our own software controlling system which allows the game masters to have a complete control over the things that are happening inside the room. This room (just like all our other rooms) is a must do for all the enthusiasts and it can definitely be a bloody gem at your escape room location!

An interior design of entire apartment looks very unusual, heavy and old. We combined a few rare things such as ugly wall paper, tin plated tableware. Not very typical look for modern apartment.

The mask for our cannibal was inspired by famous movie. It is made out of composite materials, high quality replica.

The main idea was to make dreadful look of each scalp. Faces look very naturally because of proper painting and paint tones.

Close up look at the scalp. Blood marks, bruises and stitches. It all can be done very professionally and fast.

These amazingly real looking skulls with antlers are totally fake. But nobody will tell the difference.

The cannibal’s kitchen appears in very messy style. Blood stains all over the place. Body parts in the fridge. Surprisingly, all appliances are in working conditions ;)

The appliances are real. They are part of a gameplay. Although, the exterior look was created by painters. All blood and grease look natural.

The fridge is an actual working 70's era fridge. It was modified to our needs. The Quest Room logo looks awesome!

The jar filled with teeth.. Nasty looking props add more negativity to the room with already heavy enough atmosphere.

All body parts in the fridge make our guests horrified. Especially the brain. This brain looks and weights as an actual human brain.