We create escape rooms! How we do it

We provide professional services
for escape room owners:

Scenarios / scripts

We write (and adopt) scenarios. Scenarios can be based on your ideas, our own, or a 3rd party.
Fully prepared by professional writers and editors. We write in different languages. Scenario is not only the storyline it also includes puzzles and it’s description.

Technical assignment

Full technical information on entire room.
We make plans that give you an exact look on
how puzzle and gameplay work in modern escape rooms.

Drawings and specifications

All plans, drawings and layouts. Very valuable and necessary in construction and
escape room building process. We can make your life easier, just tell us what are you looking for and we do it.

Sound and video production

Professional video makers that can film videos about your escape room or video for a gameplay, commercials and other types. Sound production includes professional voice recording, puzzle sounds and other necessary sounds for an escape room.

Custom prop making

We specialize in customization and making any props for your escape rooms. Some props can be build from scratch. We also modify, fix and upgrade exiting props.

Exclusive еscape room control system

We developed and produced control systems for modern escape rooms. Our hardware is very stable and work for thousands of hours. Software is suitable for any OS and very to work with.

US based installation and service team!

Our team is ready to go anywhere in the US to support, assist and install. You can rely on our professionalism!

Escape rooms we’ve made recently

Bloody Elbow

For Questroom.com
Our first thriller experience. The main theme of this escape room is not the puzzles, the main theme is a horrific experience. Players should have this feeling that something unknown stands around the corner or in any dark spot of the room. When you have a feeling of facing the unknown it’s kind of hard […]

Medieval feel in every detail. Torture table, blood stains, metal bars, you name it. We can make it all.

This is an actual game element. The cross room looks very realistic and when the puzzle is solved, it completely changes it’s look into something very dark.

All elements made out of actual wood and bricks. We are not only building the looks, we also building reliability.

The fake body of drowned woman looks very realistic. Look at this bruises and carved letters on forehead! Very detailed and creepy.

Work Stages For custom escape room

  • Scenario
  • Technical task
  • Evaluation
  • Production
  • Installation and setup
  • US based support & installation team

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